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The Sydney Morning Herald

The weird gadgets companies think are suitable for Valentine's Day

Sure, Valentine's Day is a boon for the flower, chocolate and lace industries, but it's not Christmas; there are limits on how expensive a gift one is expected to buy for a holiday ostensibly created by greeting card companies. Don't get me wrong, I ...

- The Sydney Morning Herald


Celebrate Valentine's Day with free champagne, specials and other deals

Toast your sweetheart with a glass of free champagne Thursday. Eat your heart out with heart-shaped treats and meals. And stretch your budget this Valentine's Day by saving on the big meal. Fancy dining and casual restaurants alike are offering special ...


Live Science

3 Reasons You Might Hate Valentine's Day

February 14th, the day of chocolates, roses and heart-festooned greeting cards, is upon us once again. If that sentence made you groan, you're not alone. Almost half of Americans describe Valentine's Day as "overrated," according to a 2017 survey.

- Live Science

Tampa Bay Times

Cupid shuffle: a calendar of Valentine's Day events

Valentine's Lunch and Dinner Cruise. Board a yacht for a memorable Valentine's Day date including a dozen long stemmed roses, DJ dancing, a three course meal and champagne toast. Noon and 7 p.m. Thursday. Yacht StarShip, 603 Channelside Drive, ...

- Tampa Bay Times


Valentine's Day Is Getting Less Popular But Spending Per Person Is Still ...

People setting out to embrace Valentine's Day this week might get a little bit frustrated if they happen to hear the Jennifer Lopez classic Love Don't Cost a Thing on the airwaves. These days, love actually does cost a thing, especially on February ...

- Forbes


Keep the conversation going this Valentine's Day with Sweethearts' alternatives

The conversation will keep going this Valentine's Day. Despite the loss of the iconic Sweethearts candy, friends and lovers still have ways to express themselves through other candies and items Thursday. Sweethearts may have been oldest ...


Independent Online

14 movies to stream on Valentine's Day

Another year, another Valentine's Day and whether you pay ode to the martyr St. Valentine or not, here are our top picks of romantic classics and comedies for a cosy - and economical - night in front of your favourite screen, with your favourite person ...

- Independent Online


FaceTime With This Cuddly Favorite For Valentine's Day

It's becoming harder and harder to think of new ways to declare your love (or not) during Valentine's Day. Soaking in a red wine-filled tub or naming a cockroach that will be fed to a meerkat after your ex are some of the Valentine's Day options. Cute ...

- Forbes

GQ Magazine

4 Ways to Have a Spicy Valentine's Day at Home

Like all capitalist holidays, Valentine's Day is basically a scam. Especially going out for a romantic dinner: you get stuck with an overpriced, mediocre prix fixe menu at a tiny table wedged in beside the other happy couples and their elbows. Plus ...

- GQ Magazine

Today Show

15 of the best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts of 2019

Valentine's Day is this week. So, there are only a few days left to find the perfect last-minute Valentine's gift. Feeling the pressure yet? Fret not, friends! Whether you're shopping for a special guy, gal or for yourself — because we know you ...

- Today Show

East Coast Radio

The strangest Valentine's Day gift Damon ever received

Have you ever received a Valentine's Day gift so weird, so bizarre, so unique that you couldn't possibly describe what you were feeling when you'd unwrapped it? READ: Beware! There's a Valentine's Day version of "Baby Shark". When we decided to ask you ...

- East Coast Radio

Independent Online

Rediscover chocolate this Valentines Day

Good quality chocolate h as a very similar effect on our brain to being in love. It releases a flood of endorphins into your brain. “Even if you don't have a Valentine, your Valentine could be chocolate because it could give you the same rush, Williams ...

- Independent Online

Washington Post

I used to hate Valentine's Day. And then I had a kid.

For most of us, Valentine's Day is either the most romantic day of the year, or a deeply hated, senseless holiday. It's easy to dislike Valentine's Day, with its push for couples to conform to cookie-cutter ideas of what love and partnership should ...

- Washington Post